Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 2007

Happy New Year.

I am not a dancer, nor do I get to experience Bharatnatyam performances often. So these are my personal impressions and no more.
I prefer solo Bharatnatyam performances to group choreography, in general. I was looking forward to Ms. Vaidyanathan's kutcheri in Austin, during her USA tour in the Fall of 2006. This was the first time I experienced her work, and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Her sense of timing and rhythm was sharp. The choreography vocabulary was rooted in the classical realm, and mixed well, in an unusual/aesthetic manner. The jatis were engaging and the lack of symmetry was presented in an appealing manner. I am glad that allaripus are making a come back, and becoming more sophisticated. I remember her nritya more than her natya at this time. Her stamina was amazing. There was no intermission or costume change. She performed for around two hours straight without a major break. Ms. Vaidyanathan was supported by some wonderful musicians. The flutist was a very nice touch, instead of the more commonly hear violinist. Her mridangam player, singer, and nattuvannar worked in wonderful unison with her, to produce a wonderful show. I look forward to her next performance. The lighting was less than ideal, but her form and emotion came through in the few images I liked.

First Night is a festival, celebrating the arrival of the New Year, and Austin is the only city that organizes this event in Texas. Austin's First Night 2007was enjoyed by its residents, for the second year in a row. It was smaller (from the prospective of events and space) than last year, but as satisfying. I managed to experience most of the events I wanted to see. Images and captions can be viewed in the Events gallery.

I have been very tardy posting images from the Plano Baloon Festival and the Houston Air Show taken in the Fall of 2005. I manged to find some time to upload the photos in the last few weeks, in the Events gallery. The San Antonio Zoo is always an inspiration. During a break between assignments in the city, I tried a new lens out and got some wonderful images of a few birds. Images can be viewed in the Animals gallery.

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